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How O3DM makes difference

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  • Digital model

    - a modern replacement for plaster models

    - preservation of existing clinic operating procedures

    - free software

  • No storage problem

    - CD / DVD instead of using space for storing models

    - all patient information available in one place on your computer

    - easy data searching and processing

    - all information can be accessed online

  • Time saving

    - model analysis results

    - short delivery time (48 hours)

    - direct online access to digital models

  • Precision and Versatility

    - ideal occlusion mapping

    - a wide range of built-in diagnostic tools

  • Safety

    - digital signature

    - data loss protection

    - access to date protected by password

  • Technical support

    - Assistance Support in the implementation processes

    - consulting services

    - courses and training

  • Clinic prestige

    - modern diagnostic techniques

    - special software version for a patient

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