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What is the customer account for?

  • contact and invoice database
  • tracking order information
  • details on the processed and current orders
  • communication between the doctor and the lab
  • downloading of software and forms for printing
  • direct downloading of 3D models files
  • invoices / payment statements

How to create a customer account

Please fill in the registration form which is available here,register.html.

What is the cost of using the Internet Information System?

It is free of charge.

What kind of the impression mass is recommended?

Good quality alginate is sufficient, however the quality of the impression in critical.

Is the alignate impression sufficiently stable for shipment?

Yes. The quality of the alignate impression is sufficient after few days of transportation by the standard post / a courier company.

How to avoid any problems during transportation by post

By using a courier company. Please contact us to arrange.

What is a digital model?

A digital model is the exact copy of a plaster model on a computer screen. Plaster models or impression are sent to our laboratory where we scan them using 3D technology. Then, we create computer files with the scanned models or impressions which can be opened with the free O3DM software. The software and the digital model allows for the performance of tests which are not possible with plaster models.

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