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O3DM Basic Model

O3DM is an advanced user-friendly software package that allows you to perform all analyses and treatment planning with greater ease, accuracy and efficiency.

Free software

O3DM offers a wide range of useful tools such as ‘PAR-Index Analysis’, ‘Graphic displacement of tooth measurement on the ideal arch’ and ‘Macro-programming for identical measurements on multiple models’ which helps doctors in their daily practice.

O3DM is a solid choice amongst leading digital software packages and offers security and reliability on an everyday basis. An intelligently designed internal structure with clean organization of the programming system is an ongoing key factor in our development of O3DM, resulting in software that runs smoothly on most computers. At the same time, O3DM is a comprehensible system requiring a minimum of computer skills to operate, while its practicality relieves you from dealing with the production, transportation and storage of plaster models.

With O3DM files you can store measurements so that they are completely traceable which allows for confirmation of diagnostic results.

All you need to have the highest quality digital model is to send a good set of alginate impressions and a good bite-index.

OrthoLab in cooperation with the Aarhus University conducted an extensive research on the stability of several different alginates. According to the obtained results we selected the most stable alginate for the production of digital models.

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